The Cornwood Agricultural and Horticultural Society  (or CAHS for short!)

The CAHS is a local charity whose aim is to support Agriculture and Horticulture in the Parish of Cornwood and surrounding area.  We do this by organising local shows; holding the Cornwood Agri & Horti Show and the Cornwood Horse Show in the summer.  We also hold an annual Garden competition and other events such as the Christmas Lights, Trees and Wreaths competition judged by FC himself!  When funds allow, we make grants to people and organisations to support educational and other activities in line with our aim.  For example, we have helped Cornwood School buy a greenhouse and gardening tools for the children and in previous years we have provided grants to local agricultural students.    Please contact the society secretary for more information.

For a list of people who run CAHS, please see the Who's Who page.