Welcome to the Cornwood Show website   
This website contains lots of information about the Cornwood Agricultural & Horticultural Show and the Cornwood Horse Show.  These shows, and other events during the year, are organised by the Cornwood Agricultural & Horticultural Society; you can find out more about the Society and the events using the index on the left. 

The 2016 show dates are:

Cornwood Agricultural & Horticultural Show:                               Saturday 13 August at Cadleigh Farm, Lee Mill, Ivybridge, Devon, PL21 9HW

Cornwood Horse Show:                                                               Sunday 21 August at Cadleigh Farm, Lee Mill, Ivybridge, Devon, PL21 9HW

 Great Potato Challenge  

Each year, the Cornwood Show runs the Great Potato Challenge with Cornwood School.  The children are each given a bucket; compost and seed potato (kindly donated by Endsleigh) in the Spring and then the potato crop is weighed at the end of term.  This year's winner is Alice Hazelwood, with a crop weighing 1.67 Kg!  Results for each class are in the Horticulture section (click on Cornwood Show in left hand list).  Matt Pollard from Endsleigh presented all winners with rosettes and vouchers.

 Help needed.....

Help.............. The Cornwood Show committee is not getting any younger and we really need some help this year.. We need people to help put up the marquees (and of course take them down again!) and people to do car parking on the day. If you could spare a couple of hours on show day (13 August) or during the week before please get in touch by email cornwoodshow@gmail.com.   We also need help at the Horse Show on 21 August please.

Thank you....

 Onion Run 

The origins of the Cornwood Onion Run are lost in the mistsof time, few people know how it  started - and those that do, aren't saying!  Historically, the Onion Run was carried out by members of the Cornwood Show Committee.  They would run around the showground at dawn (some say naked....), brandishing the ancient Onion Stick at the weather gods to ensure good weather on Show Day. 

These days, the Onion Run tradition is upheld by Year 6 of Cornwood School who perform the run as a relay, passing the onion stick from one runner to the next, as part of their end-of-term activities.  This year's Onion Run took place on 15 July with the current Year 6 students running around the showground at Cadleigh Farm, cheered on by Year 5, teachers and parents.  But will it work  - will the Show be blessed with sunshine?  We'll have to wait until 13th August to get the answer to that, but what we do know is that the children had a fabulous time and have the t-shirts to prove it.

 Thank you to our Sponsors 

The Cornwood Agricultural and Horticultural Show thanks the following for their generous support:
  • Cornwood Parish Council
  • Dartmoor Sheep Breeders Association
  • Devon Rosettes
  • Endsleigh: a Wyevale Garden Centre
  • Euroservice Garage Ltd                                             
  • Full Circle Motors         
  • Maggie Hall, Lutton
  • Howard & Over Solicitors, Ivybridge
  • Ivybridge Tile & Bathroom Company                                  
  • Lang and Potter
  • Moorland Hotel, Wotter         
  • Oscar Pet Foods
  • Richard Hosking, Chartered Surveyor, Ugborough 
  • Ridgeway Tyre Centre, Ivybridge
  • Scotch Blackface Breeders Association
  • Simon Sandover, Painter & Decorator
  • South Hams Newspapers
  • South Moor Vets, Kingsbridge
  • Swift Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services          
  • TJ Flat Roofing
  • W G Friend and Son Ltd, Ivybridge
  • W H & A Willcocks
  • Ye Olde Shoppe, Cornwood 

 No Rabbits at 2016 Cornwood Show 
Due to recently confirmed cases of VHD (viral haemorrhagic disease - a deadly rabbit disease) in Devon, rabbits will not be permitted in the Pet Show this year to help prevent spread of the disease.  We hope to have Rabbits back next year. The disease poses no threat to human health.

 2016 Schedules

The schedules for both Shows can be downloaded using the links below.  
2016 Cornwood Show Schedule final.pdf
2016 Horse Show schedule final.pdf

If you prefer, you can download individual sections for Horticulture; Sheep; Dog; Pet and Poultry Shows below.
2016 Horticultural Schedule final.pdf
2016 sheep schedule fin3.pdf
2016 Dog Schedule final.pdf
2016 Poultry Schedule final.pdf
2016 Pet Schedule final.pdf

 Entry Forms & Dates 
You can download entry forms for 2016 in Word format using the links below, these can be emailed to the relevant Show organiser once completed. Closing dates for entries are: 
Poultry 2 August; Sheep 5 August; Horticulture: 9pm 11 August; Horse Show advance entries: 18 August.
Entries for the Dog and Pet Shows are on the day only.  All Horse Show entries can be made on the day.
2016 Horticultural Show entry form.docx
2016 Poultry Show entry form.docx
2016 Sheep Show entry form2.docx
2016 Pet Schedule final.pdf
2016 Horse Show entry form.docx

 Horti Cup Returns 

Please can last year's horticulture cup winners return the cup to Sarah Owen 26 Abbotts Park, Cornwood PL219PP Tel:01752 837620  Email: sarahowenat26@gmail.com.
Then download the schedule and work out what to enter this year.

 CAHS Grants
The Cornwood Agricultural & Horticultural Society is a charity with the aim of supporting Agriculture and Horticulture in Cornwood and the surrounding area.  We do this by organising local shows and other events and, when funds allow, by providing grants to people and organisations for activities that support our aim.  For example, last year we helped Cornwood School to buy a greenhouse and in previous years we have provided grants to agricultural students.  We are now accepting applications for 2016 grants.  To find out more, click on 'About Us' in the main menu.