Welcome to the Cornwood Show website   
This website contains lots of information about the Cornwood Agricultural & Horticultural Show and the Cornwood Horse Show.  These shows, and other events during the year, are organised by the Cornwood Agricultural & Horticultural Society; you can find out more about the Society and the events using the index on the left. 

The 2017 show dates are:

Cornwood Agricultural & Horticultural Show:                               Saturday 12 August Cadleigh Farm, Lee Mill, PL21 9HW 

Cornwood Horse Show:                                                               Sunday 20 August Cadleigh Farm, Lee Mill, PL21 9HW

 Summer Garden Competition 

The summer garden competition is held every year by the Cornwood Show with cups presented at the Show in the Horticultural Marquee. The classes, which cost £1 each to enter, are:

96.   Best Kept Garden: Cultivated flowers and vegetables.
97.   Best Flower Garden.
98.   Best Hanging Basket.
99.   Any planted container.
100. Herb Feature (container, restricted bed)
101. Water feature: incorporating still or moving water. 

Judging will take place on 21, 22 or 23 June (on the first dry day) and entries should be submitted by Monday 19 June to Janice Quest. You can enter by emailing Janice at  janice.quest@yahoo.com, or by post to 16 Longfield, Lutton Ivybridge, Devon PL21 9SN or by dropping off the entry form at Ye Olde Shoppe in Cornwood square.  Click link below for entry form.

Summer Garden Competition Entry Form 2017.docx

 Cup Amnesty 

We are missing a few winners cups, which were presented a couple of years go and not returned for some reason.  If you think you may have one (down the back of the sofa, under the bed or in the attic maybe?)  please get in touch so we can arrange for its safe return.  Thank you.  (this does not apply to cups won last year as they do not need to be returned until July this year). 

 Avian Flu 
DEFRA have said that the current ban on poultry gatherings will be lifted in England on 15 May 2017, meaning poultry gatherings can resume from this date, subject to some additional identity and health checks and biosecurity measures.  We intend to hold Poultry Classes at the Cornwood Show and will confirm once we understand the impact of the extra measures.

These will be available for download as they are completed, links below:
Dog Show Classes (entry on the day only): 2017 Dog Show Classes

Sheep Show Classes (entries by 5th August)  
2017 Sheep Show Classes

 Entry Forms 
Download entry forms here.
2017 Sheep Show entry form

 Trade Stands 2017 

We love having a great mix of trade stands at the Cornwood Show - this year we had more than ever and people who came to the show had a great time browsing all the lovely displays; sampling the food and hopefully buying some of the goods on sale.  If you are interested in having a stand at the 2017 Show, please get in touch with Christine Pascoe for more information cornwoodshowdirector@gmail.com